Monday, August 18, 2014


Hey there friends!  So sorry that I skipped out last week without any word... it was our last week before school starts (tomorrow!) and although we didn't have time to squeeze in one last getaway, we did take three days for a "staycation" and enjoyed some fun things together while working around back-to-school events.  And honestly, I just needed a little break from the blog too before things kick into fast gear for Fall.  However, I finished a few projects over the weekend and am all ready to spill the details this week!

I've had a few good finds from my buddy Craig in the past month or so.  When these chairs (which I NEVER see in our area) were listed,  I couldn't contact the seller fast enough to arrange to see them.  By the time I arrived a few hours later he was shocked that there were so many people interested in them.  ;)  They were in pretty good condition except for a small hole in one of the cane seats.  With the cushion I'm not too worried about it, these won't be high-use chairs anyway.

The cushions had a slight smell of smoke.  I planned to just pitch them, but left them to air out in the garage for a while so I could use them for a pattern to get new ones made.  I'm not sure where these chairs will land, so I'm not ready to choose a new fabric for them, but decided I needed the cushions back on to protect the seats.  With nothing to lose, I thought I'd try to clean them up and make them work.

After they aired out, the smell was mostly gone, but I filled up the bathtub with some bleach water and let them soak for a while, then air dry outside.  The fabric was in great condition, but chocolate brown and a bit dated looking.  Remembering Jennifer's post about her sofa, I planned to try to dye them black. The covers weren't removable, so I just worked with the whole cushion intact. I had some dye on hand, mixed it up and sponged it on.  It looked good at first, but by the time they dried the dye didn't take.  Whatever the fabric was, it wouldn't absorb the dye.  I'm sure the foam inside is jet black.

So, since I've seen hundreds of projects with people painting upholstered furniture, I decided to try that out.  Again...nothing to lose.  I used some textile medium (for mixing with paint to use on fabric) and acrylic paint, following the directions on the bottle for mixing.

This fabric is a heavy upholstery weight with quite a bit of texture, so when a regular paintbrush wasn't getting down in the grooves I pulled out my trusty old toothbrush, and scrubbed the paint on with it.  Worked perfectly!

By the second cushion, I found that it worked better to add just a little bit of water to the paint mixture as well.  Maybe some of those painting projects I'd seen suggested to start with your fabric being damp?  I don't remember, but mine was dry.  The appearance seemed best when I worked in long rows, starting along one edge and working my way across the entire cushion.  It took two coats for the coverage to look decent.

When the cushions were completely dry, the fabric was a bit stiff and scratchy.  I used a stiff nylon utility brush and went back and forth over the cushion.  It softened the fabric up a little.  It's still somewhat rough, but again, this is a temporary fix.  I think.

So, until I decide for sure what I'm doing with these chairs, this will work just fine, or, they might just stay as-is!

I hope your week is off to a great start!  We're headed out for our annual back-to-school Mexican Food lunch today, and then hoping to squeeze in one more weekday afternoon at the pool.  Oh, and the final thing on my kids' to-do list... watch The Price is Right for the last time.  Exactly what I used to do on my summer break when I was their age.  ;)

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Friday, August 8, 2014


July was quite productive for you all!  There were so many good projects linked up this month, click here to see them all.  It was hard to choose just 5 to feature! (Psst...a friendly reminder...if you linked up, please remember to include a link back to the party.  There were several that we wanted to feature but they didn't link back...)

Also, be sure to check out the Best of the Nest Pinterest board for some other great features, as well as my fellow co-hosts for their picks.

Kris from Driven by Decor // Pam from Simple Details 

**PLEASE REMEMBER...if you'd like to pin any of these images, click the link and pin from the original source.  Thanks!**

Mary Ann at Classic Casual Home shared her insanely gorgeous bedroom makeover, where they utilized every square inch of space.  After seeing this little glimpse, I know you'll totally want to check out the rest of the room (and it's unbelievable view)!

Amy from 11 Magnolia Lane spiffed up her front door with a new coat of paint, and did you notice the little detail on the edge of the door?  That reminds me, I've been meaning to do the same thing on a door around here.  Hmmm...which one to choose...

Cassie from Primitive and Proper put all of the new photography tips she learned at Haven to good use and updated her living room tour.  I've told her not to be surprised if that coffee table comes up missing some day...  And, did you even notice the television over the fireplace?  No?  Hooray for black paint!

Kristine from Teeny Ideas gave us a tour of her decked out deck, all ready for summer.  Talk about an outdoor living space...this one is comfy cozy and full of personality.

Eleven Gables...oh,'ve done it again...  This is her Butler's Pantry.  How fancy is that?  Actually, it's a workhorse of a room packed full of practicality and smart ideas.  Remember my gold metallic pillows from my summer tour last week?  This is where I got the idea for the fabric.  If you look closely you can see it back there lining the backs of the cabinets. Bravo, Emily!

 On Instagram at #bestofthenestparty, overbooked412 posted her new mantel design.  I'm loving the layers and summery feel, not to mention those awesome topiaries!

If you were featured, feel free to grab a button!

Alright, happy weekend my friends!  If you follow me on IG, you might have seen my awesome Craigslist score that I picked up yesterday.  It's got me wanting to do a little wall painting sooner than planned so I can get it hung.  Who knows what the weekend has in store?!?

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Wednesday, August 6, 2014


When we finished the wood wall in my son's room, it was so pretty that I knew I didn't want much on it to cover it up.  Knowing that the upholstered headboard would cover a bit of it, I decided to stick with one large piece of artwork over the bed and call it good.

With this project from Life in Grace in mind, I set out to create my own large photo mounted artwork.  My son has always loved airplanes, so we went to a local small airport where we could walk right next to the lane where the planes park.  We chose a plane we liked and took lots of shots from different angles.  After choosing our favorite one, I edited it and made it black and white.

Then, I used Jenny's suggestion and took a file of my photo to Fed Ex Office to be copied.  They will make an "Engineer's Print" for less than $10.  Black and white is the only option, but there are a few size choices, with the largest being about 36x48".  The print is on regular paper and isn't crystal clear photo quality, but I'm very happy with how it turned out.

When determining how to mount the photo, I came across a similar project from Sugar Bee Crafts.  She discovered that the large sheets of foam board that are used for house insulation would work perfectly, and they are a very reasonable price for such a large sheet of foam board.  I found mine at Home Depot for about $15, and could make 2-3 of these pictures with one sheet.

I measured my foam board and found it easiest to cut with a straight edge and exacto knife.

Before mounting the photo, I painted a little bit around the front edges all the way around, and painted the sides black.  I did the front edges just in case the paper didn't completely line up with the pink foam board.

Then, I adhered my print to the board...and totally messed it up.  More about that in a minute. Let me start with how I should have mounted it.

Since your photo is printed on regular old paper (like a piece of copy paper), spray adhesive works perfectly to attach it to the foam board. Becausee you're working with such a large piece and it's hard to get it straight and wrinkle free all at once, I found it best to work with a small section at a time.  I started by spraying the left end and lining it up, then I kept the rest of the photo folded back, sort of like a book page.

I would spray a small section at a time, then used my cutting mat (or anything big and flat) to slide it across the top to keep everything smooth and even.  I continued, working my way across a few inches at a time until I finished at the right side with the paper all glued down.

When my picture was glued down, I still had to trim one of the edges of the foam board a bit.  It's ok, I didn't have to worry as much with getting that side perfectly lined up.

Now, take my word for it,  DO not use white glue or mod podge to glue this down.  I had the not so brillant idea to treat this like I've done pictures on photo paper, and rolled the foam board with mod podge, then stuck the picture down.  I planned to coat the top with mod podge to seal it all, looked terrible.  Getting the paper copy wet made it all wrinkly and shriveled up.  Bummer.  Off to Fed Ex I went to get another copy made for round 2.

So, after take 2 worked out ok, I moved on to finishing it off.  Although I painted the outside edges black, they weren't very clean from cutting it.  I covered them up by hot gluing (just a dot every 5 inches or so) a black ribbon all around the sides.  I used 5/8" grosgrain ribbon and it was the perfect width for the foam board.

To hang the picture, I used some adhesive fasteners that the kind people at Scotch sent me to try out.

This stuff is GOOD.  You can actually hear the two pieces locking together.  I attached a piece (actually the hook and look piece already stuck together) to the back of each corner of the foam board, then with the back sticky side exposed just pressed it to the wall.  It has stayed put on the wood boards really well.  I'm not sure if I would use it on a painted wall, since it might damage the paint if removed at a later time.  I think it would be fantastic also if you have a brick wall outside or maybe at your fireplace that you'd like to have something on, it seems to stick to rough surfaces just fine.

After the fact, I love that this piece makes a big statement without being something heavy over the head of the bed.  Believe it or not, we've been having some rather large earthquakes (4+) in OKC for the past few years and it makes me a little nervous to have decor hanging over the bed that might be dangerous if it were to fall.

Another bonus, this is a pretty great piece of custom artwork for right around $20...if you don't have to print it twice ;)  !  

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